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We believe giving of ourselves and of our finances is at the very heart of every American community. Give your gifts and enjoy the elation that comes from helping others achieve and succeed. After all – most of us can remember others who have helped us along the way, and what better way to honor their kindness, than by paying it forward and helping others as you build your life and business.

Enjoy the blessings of giving, there’s nothing else like it!

On Father’s Day 2011, Lance R. Martin Jr. was killed by a drunk driver.  He went home to the Lord at 12:00:38 that morning, just 5 days before his 26th birthday. JR, as he known to friends and family graduated from California Baptist University in December 2007 and was a clinical psychology master’s student at AUM in Montgomery, Alabama who had a desire to be a Christian family counselor.

JR valued God’s desire for families to use His word as a guide to healty relationships.  He believed that families
of all types were meant to succeed and that with biblical roots their foundation, society could not destroy
what God meant to be.

To honor his dreams we have established the Lance R. Martin Jr. Faith & Families Foundation a 501(c)(3) private
foundation dedicated to helping families in crisis find the Lord’s path for renewal.

Help us bring hope to families with your donation.  We provide counseling services free of charge to families in need.